Sgt. Douglas James Nash MM

(S/N 5253563)

Sgt. Douglas James Nash MM, formerly of Worcestershire Regiment, Holding Operational Commando and No.12 Commando, served with No.6 Commando.

Whilst serving as a Corporal with No.12 Commando, Douglas Nash was awarded the Military Medal.  The citation reads:

‘The above named NCO was a member of a raiding party which landed on the north coast of France vear Criel-sur-Mer on the night of 26th December 1943.

Cpl. Nash was ordered to carry out a difficult and hazardous clib up a sheer cliff face in order to secure a rope at the top to assist the other members of the force climb the cliff.  In order to accomplish this Cpl. Nash was forced to pull himself up by means of a barbed wire obstacle lodged in a gully against the cliff face.  After having been joined at the top by L/Cpl. Howells, a second member of the force, a light was seen inland which on investigation proved to be a patrol of 15 Germans advancing in an extended line.

L/Cpl. Howells was anxious to engage the enemy with his TMSG and had taken up position to do so when Cpl. Nash, having coolly appreciated the situation with regard to the intention of the operation, gave orders for L/Cpl. Howells to descend the rope, he himself descended thereafter.

In making this descision Cpl. Nash acted with great coolness and prevented a situation developing which might well have jeopradised the safe withdrawal of the force.

This NCO has participated in ten similar operations and on every occasion has displayed the utmost determination in overcoming the most hazardous obstacles without regard to his own personal safety. By his outstanding example as an NCO he has repeatedly proved an inspiration to the other members of his force.’